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Kabrus Smart Lock Technologies is an innovative brand that believes in designing effective security products that work. Combining the latest technology in electronics and high strength materials, our products are the first choice in securing property and deterring theft. With 1000's of security products sold worldwide, Kabrus is the trusted choice for your security needs.

The Kabrus TXL404 is a world's first innovative padlock that sends you a text message if tampered. Made from high quality durable steel, it can withstand all  weather conditions. Comes with a built in listening device, the lock can also be set to call you and on answer you can hear any activity up to 4m around the padlock, so you can make an accurate assumption before calling local law enforcement. Four locks supplied all keyed alike.
Our extensive range of alarmed padlock products include standard shackle padlock, disc and cable padlock and wide and long shackle padlock with alarms. Perfect for garages, summer houses, garden sheds, bicycles, caravans, garden gates and anything that needs to be secured.
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High Security Disc Lock Chain


Most bikers will use on disc, as the shackle is designed so it is detached from the lock body, it is very easy to attach on the disc and safe to use, when returning to your bike, if you seat yourself on the bike without removing the lock the movement caused will sound a 3 bleep alarm alerting you that you have the lock on the disc.

Vehicle Security

Ideal for modern and classic cars, vans, farming and onsite construction vehicles. Simply attach to steering wheel, if wheel is moved, the thief will not want to be in a closed vehicle with 110 decibels going off. Try it, it sounds like 300 ear piercing decibels due to the sound proofing of the vehicle.

Sheds and Garages

Most commonly used for this application, many customers will use 1 lock externally and for example if there are any high value items in an outbuilding, like bikes chained together they would use a secondary alarm lock inside the shed or garage.

Other applications

Back Doors, Gates, Bikes, Caravans, Trailers, Generators, Toolboxes, Heating oil tanks, Boats, Garden Furniture and Equine security for Tack rooms and stables.

Kabrus Alarm Padlocks - Locked with Alarm or Locked Without Alarm Feature

Can be used as an ordinary padlock unarmed or alarmed by simply taking out the shackle and inserting it back into the lock the other way round as the shackle has been designed with a groove cut on one side. When the lock is alarmed a single Bleep will be heard. Each lock is pre-fitted with 6 LR44 batteries.

Kabrus Alarm Padlocks - Unique Feature

Kabrus locks are designed with a unique microchip that controls the sensitivity. There are similar looking products on the market but none that have this technology built in. The lock has three sensitivity levels LOW-MED-HIGH.

Kabrus Alarm Padlocks - No false Alarms

When the lock is activated in alarm mode, if there is any slight wind movement the alarm will not sound, the control unit will recognize tampering and innocent movement i.e. wind conditions, when the lock is tampered, the lock will sound 3 ear piercing bleeps and automatically increase sensitivity, when a secondary attempt to tamper the lock is initiated or foreign metal has made contact with the shackle the lock will immediately sound a 10 seconds 110db alarm. After the 10 seconds alarm has sounded the lock will be in a high alert state (maximum sensitivity) for 30 seconds and will repeat the 10 seconds alarm if tampered again and thereafter will drop sensitivity one level at a time after it has sensed no movement for 30 seconds. This unique technology ensures no false alarms.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Most insurance companies will offer a discount on your household insurance premium, normally upto 5%. Policyholders who are conscious about security are seen to be in a less risk category. Most insurers will reward a policyholder if additional efforts are made to secure their property.
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