Keyed Alike Text Alert
Padlock System

The Karbus TXL404 is a high-tech GSM electronic padlock security system that allows you to have real time monitoring and instant text notification of an entry for an armed padlock. Everything in this system is controlled by your mobile phone: Use your phone to program this lock, arm / disarm and check the system status. Up to 4 phone numbers can be programmed to the lock system.

The shackle of the Kabrus TXL404 lock is made with hardened steel and a heavy duty laminated steel body, the whole unit is wrapped up in a reinforced coat of weather resistant rubber. The look of the padlock alone will stop any would-be intruders from trying to tamper with the lock and if just so happens that this is also the most high-tech padlock on the market today!



Alarm Padlocks and Security Alarms
• 5 Pin tumbler cylinder for added pick resistance
• Hardened steel shackle for superior cut resistance
• Rubber coated for weather resistance
• Laminated steel body for superior strength
Logged Entry Data
The Kabrus TXL404 system can also be used to keep an entry/exit log, a benefit for those who need to keep track of shipment delivery, keep a time log of all driving stops or need to know how many times an area is entered daily. Each text message alert wil list the time and date of entry.