Multi-Purpose Alarm Padlock
kabrus 2013 Model - Just Launched

Kabrus has once again emerged as the market leader in the field of smart Alarm Padlocks. Introducing the upgraded model with the most advanced features-

• Twin Sound Ports Producing AMPLIFIED SOUND
• Unique Anti-Muffling Design
120db Alarm
Weather- Proof
Hardened Shackle
• Battery Efficient

Unique Design

The newly launched Kabrus 2013 Model has TWO Sound Ports, placed on both sides of the padlock. On a closer look, you’ll find the internal sound port sliding at an almost 40 degree angle. Technically, when the padlock’s microchip senses tampering, the alarm goes off and sound of the alarm bounces from the internal base to the top surface of the padlock; and then gets distributed from left to right. The twin sound system also adds to the high pitch of the alarm, making this uniquely designed alarm padlock possess world-class amplified sound.

Don’t forget, XL507 is Anti-Muffling. How? Place your hand on one side of the padlock when it is in the Alarm Mode. You will hear the beep as loud as it is meant to be, regardless of any obstruction on the surface of the padlock. So, the alarm padlock would keep you fully informed even when an intruder places his hand on the padlock; thus completely securing your home, garage or vehicle from a burglar or trespasser.

The superior design of this model also makes this alarm padlock weather proof. Thanks to Kabrus Designers, the twin open sound ports are built with internal slides, making it impossible for water to enter the padlock.

Now, another reason to buy XL507 is that this alarm padlock consumes less battery. Read this carefully- The internal microchip in the padlock produces less than 100db sound. The alarm sound gets bounced within the padlock unit and distributed through the twin sound ports, amplifying the actual alarm to over 120db. This means that the 2013 Model has been expertly designed to amplify the sound and save on to the battery life making it last much longer.

Smart Sensor Technology that works !

“The Last thing you want to do is to wake up your neighbors at 2 o’clock in the morning.” And, that too just to find that your alarm padlock was activated because it was too windy!

Mild winds or keyholder hand movements do not make this smart alarm padlock scream. The technology makes the padlock smart enough to differentiate between criminal tampering and any innocent movements or keyholder handling of the unit.

  • First attempt at tampering: Low Sensitivity Level- THREE LOUD BEEPS
• Continued tampering within 30 sec.: Medium Sensitivity Level- 10 Seconds,
   120db ALARM
• Alarm set to HIGH Sensitivity Level for 30 sec and
   same alarm if tampering continues
• No Tampering for 30 seconds, sensitivity drops to the lower level one at a time



Most bikers will use on disc, as the shackle is designed so it is detached from the lock body. It is very easy to attach on the disc and safe to use. When returning to your bike, if you seat yourself on the bike without removing the lock, the movement caused will sound a 3 bleep alarm alerting you that you have the lock on the disc.

Sheds and Garages

Most commonly used for this application, many customers will use one lock externally and for example if there are any high value items in an outbuilding, like bikes chained together they would use a secondary alarm lock inside the shed or garage.

Vehicle Security

Ideal for modern and classic cars, vans, farming and onsite construction vehicles. Simply attach to steering wheel, if wheel is moved, the thief will not want to be in a closed vehicle with 110 decibels going off. Try it, it sounds like 300 ear piercing decibels due to the sound proofing of the vehicle.

Other applications

Back Doors, Gates, Bikes, Caravans, Trailers, Generators, Toolboxes, Heating oil tanks, Boats, Garden Furniture and Equine security for Tack rooms and stables.