Alarm Cable Lock

Each lock is pre-fitted with 6 LR44 batteries.

This lock can be used unarmed or alarmed. When the lock is armed, a single beep will be heard. Heavy duty self-coiling extra flexible cable construction will deter any thief just on sight. The built-in alarm sounds immediately if anyone tampers with the 20mm thick cable, double bolt locking system. This heavy duty innovative cable lock has an impressive 20mm thick steel cable with a locking system which has a built in tamper-proof ALARM SYSTEM.

Major Applications:

• Bicycle Security  • Motorbike Security
• Motorbike Helmets  • Scooters   • Caravans  • Trailers

Lock Features:

• 110 dB Alarm
• Shock & Movement Sensor
• Waterproof
• Hardened Zinc alloy body   20mm Cable diameter   800mm (80cm) Cable length
• Two tone alarm
• Corrosion Resistant
• High Quality Cable
•  Automatic Reset
• Auto-alarming
  System & Locking System • Weather Resistant