Keyed Alike Heavy Duty Padlocks

Keyed Alike Set of 6 heavy duty high security alarm padlocks with 18 Keys. One key fits all.

This lock can be used as an ordinary padlock unarmed or armed by simply taking out the shackle and inserting it back into the lock the other way round. When the lock is armed, a single beep will be heard. Once armed it has a unique program that controls the sensitivity, this is very important, as you donít want it going off all the time when its windy. Kabrus locks are designed with a unique microchip that controls the sensitivity. There are similar looking products on the market but none that have this technology built in.
The lock has three sensitivity levels LOW-MED-HIGH, which are auto-reset.

The lock is designed to ensure minimum exposure to the hardened shackle. A high security alternative to the standard steel padlocks. Enlarged walls protect the lock from force and saw attacks. The hardened casing and mechanism also make it highly resilient to all types of weather.

This heavy duty innovative padlock is a high security multi-purpose locking device with a built-in tamper-proof AlARM SYSTEM. Its uses range far and wide and the most popular applications seem to be:

• Manufacturing Plants
• Shipping Container
• Jewellery Shop
• Art & Antiques Shop
• Retails Shops
• Warehouse Security
• Hotels
• Banks
• Prisons
• Used with High Security CHAINS
• Secure Roller Shutters